Enterprise Qualification

Enterprise Qualification

Collagen Bed Appearance Patent

EMF Test Report

Exclusive Agent Authorization of Germany COSMEDICO in China

FDA Certificate

High tech product certificate

Horizontal Tanning Bed CE Certificate

Horizontal Tanning Bed CE Certificate-EMC

Horizontal Tanning Bed LVD Certificate

Horizontal Tanning Bed RoHS Certificate

ISO9001 Quality Certificate

Lying Beauty Machine (W4) Appearance Design Patent

Mary Queen Health Beauty Cabin Quality Inspection Report

Merican Collagen Bed PSE Certificate

Philips Authorize

Product certificate

SGS Certificate

Solarium Quality Inspection Report

The Utility Model Patent of A Horizontal Beauty Cabin

TUV Certificate

Vertical (F10) design patent certificate

The Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine is a national academic organization established in 1983 with the approval of the Ministry of Health and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It joined the China Association for Science and Technology in 1987, the International Association of Rehabilitation Medicine in the same year, and the International Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine in 2001. The institute is located in the China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing.

Co-organizer of the first HMCC Postpartum Health Festival and Industry Expo

Co-sponsor of the first HMCC Postpartum Health Festival and Industry Expo

Junze Cup 2020 Annual Technology Innovation Award

Member of International Cooperation and Industry Development Working Group of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

Quality Service Integrity AAA Enterprise

Trustworthy product