R&D Team

R&D Team


Since Merican's establishment, we has always focused on the research in the optical field.Our R&D team is led by optical experts from proficiency spectral applications, and dozens of technical elites, such as domestic and foreign Beauty & Optical research expert, senior engineers.The development and application of light energy is the main research direction, from the perspective of research and development, upgrade products and technology to ensure product development research can lead the world.

The light is life itself. At a particular wavelength and intensity, light is absorbed by the receptor in the skin, and generates a particular biological effect depending on its penetration. After years of research and clinical verification, phototherapy have obvious effects from skin repair, circulation systems improvement , various tissue pain & neurotic repair, postpartum rehabilitation and immunity improvement to sleep improvement , etc. Phototherapy has been widely used in beauty and health fields and attracted the attention of many scholars and the general public.

Andy Shi

Founder of Merican Holding

Applied research scholar in Biometric spectrum

Optical medical technology research scholar

Phototherapy clinical application research scholar

Expert in optical medical applications & technology evaluation

Expert in optical beauty technology and clinical application

Member of the Association of Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetology

Member of photobiology Professional Committee

With a number of inventions' patents & Many optical application patents

China Health Care Association, "Care for reproductive Health, we are in action", the national public welfare promotion activity Care Angel

David Xu

CEO of Merican (Suzhou) Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD

General manager of Bergamo BLINC Srl, Italy

Director of Sales of Bamking LLC, North America

Multiple optical application patent inventors

Master of International Economics, Orlerance University, France

Vitiligo artificial intelligent treatment instrument expert

Boley He

Researcher of photobiological effects

Optical therapy researcher

Expert in optical medical applications

Master of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology

Henter Tan

Proficient in spectrum application technology

Won 32 product appearance invention patents

Expert of China Industrial Product Design Association

Member of appearance Design Branch of China Industrial Society

Jency Ji

Top ergonomics expert

Expert of Tianjin Human body and industrial Design institute  

Member of Chinese Ergonomics Association

Member of Youth Forum on Ergonomics

Member of Space Structure Research Institute of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology

Won a number of industrial design awards

Mechanical engineer

Zack Liu

Senior design expert

Expert of China Industrial Product Design Association

Member of appearance Design Branch of China Industrial Society

Won a number of product appearance invention patents