LED Red Light Infrared Therapy Bed – M6N

Short Description:

MERICAN NEW DESIGN M6N, the Full Body PBM Therapy Pod-M6N is the flagship model and the choice for professional due to the power and size, 360 exposure and easy access to the massive, flat lower panel. M6 treats the whole body, from your head to your toes, all at once in less than 15 minutes. It’s relaxing and will leave you feeling better than ever.

Applicable Place: Clinic, Wellness & Health Center, Dental Studio, Spa

Product Detail


1. 45,000 Red & Near-Infrared Lifetime LEDs with 100,000 hour rating.

2. Highest density LED bead on the market.

3. Unique HD 360° light exposure design.

4. Large interior cabin with open ends to reduce claustrophobia.

5. Uses the most up to date and scientifically proven specific wavelengths (photons) of light in the visible red or invisible near infrared light (NIR) range.

6. For drug free pain relief and better healing through 'best in class' photomedicine products and services.


Model No. M6N
LED Rating 50,000 hours
Dimension 2198 * 1157 * 1079 mm
Irradiance 129 mw/cm2
Total power 8,000 Watt
Wavelength 630nm 660nm 810nm 850nm 940nm
Recommended treatment time 5-9 Minutes
Independent control of each wavelength standard
True continuous wave standard
Variable pulse (1-15000Hz) Yes
Remote control unit Wireless tablet control
Inner control unit Touch screen control system
Tablet control from front yes



1. Photons (light) are absorbed by the cell which reduces aging from damaging free radicals to restore energy production at the cellular level.

2. Inflammation is reduced and the healing of wounds, tendons, muscles and nerves is encouraged after treatment.

3. Can treat and help multiple conditions and health issues throughout the body.

4. There are no side effects – unlike prescription and over-the-counter medications where side effects for some are pronounced and debilitating.

5. Due to the intensity of the light used (irradiance) only short times are needed to get the best therapeutic effect.

6. Photobiomodulation (PBM) is cell specific not condition specific, so multiple conditions/symptoms throughout the body can be treated at the same time.

7. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) can be used to adjuvant treat or prevention some cancers inside your body.

8. PDT can be used to treat some non-cancerous conditions.


9. Improved mitochondrial functioning, prompt stem cell activation.

10. Reduced chronic inflammation, increased collagen and elastin production, improved circulation.

11. Patients recovering from injuries and medical procedures have experienced much less pain and inflammation, with faster healing results, when using red light treatments.

12. Faster, less painful recovery from surgery with red light therapy.

13. Red light therapy significantly increased tensile strength and wound contraction, for faster, more effective healing results across the body.

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