skin rejuvenation red light therapy booth M4

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Merican M4 Red light therapy bed can be a healthy and safe tool for body recovery and skin rejuvenation. Multi-wavelength can be selected for different propose. From Music system, wifi connecting system, pulse adjustment and bluetooth connection, etc, all the convenient designs just want to help customers enjoy their time in the bed.

Applicable Place: Clinic, Spa, Wellness & Health Center, Salon, Skin Center, Work Shop

Product Detail


1. home use red light therapy

2. red light therapy for sleep

3. red light therapy for cellulite removal

4. red light therapy for weight loss

5. red light therapy crunch fitness

6. red light therapy skin care


1. Requires zero downtime.

2. Designed with over 28,500 high intensity LEDs.

3. Positioned close to the skin for maximum effect.

4. Inner-Light Bed design to achieve the superposition effect.

5. Tunnel design, good ventilation, to ensure comfort.


1. Red light wavelengths stimulate the production of melatonin to improve sleep quality and duration.

2. Red light therapy improves the functioning of the entire irradiated area at the cellular level and reduced cellulite.

3. Red light stimulates collagen production, leading to an increase in intradermal collagen density. Tones, smooth, and firms skin.

4. Red light penetrates about 5 millimeters into the skin, directly stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production.

5. Led light therapy contributes to hormesis, building up the cell’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory defense systems.

6. Red light therapy has a potential to be used in fat cells and cellulite reduction as well as in improvement of blood lipid profile without any significant side effects.

7. Light therapy enhances the physical exercise effects in obese people undergoing weight loss treatment.

8. Promoting significant changes in inflexibility metabolic profile.

9. It was demonstrated that exercise training associated with light therapy promotes an improvement in body composition and inflammatory processes.

10. Research combining red light treatment with massage found that there was a 71% reduction in bumps.

11. It has numerous benefits for building muscle, preventing fatigue, and improving endurance.

12. Red light therapy allowing fat cells to release lipids into the bloodstream.

13. Red light therapy help to increase muscle thickness and peak torque

14. Increase grip strength in healthy adults when applied before strength training.

15. Increase in the maximal load during exercise, as well as reduced fatigue.

light wavelength principle
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