Merican Light Therapy Bed M5N

The Merican Red & Infra Light Therapy Bed M5N, is popular in recovery center, health center, beauty center even in Clinic, which combination multi-wave spectrum, each independent wavelength benefits different results.

  • Light Source: LED
  • Light Color: Red + Infrared
  • Wavelength: 633nm/660nm/850nm/940nm
  • LED QTY: 14400LEDs
  • Power: 1760W
  • Voltage: 110V - 380V

  • Product Detail

    Merican Whole Body Multiwave Red Light Bed Infrared


    • Option to customize wavelengths
    • Variable pulsed
    • Wireless tablet control
    • Manage multiple units from one tablet
    • WIFI capability
    • Variable irradiance
    • Marketing package
    • LCD intelligent touch screen control panel
    • Intelligent cooling system
    • Independent control of each wavelength

    Technical Details

     Wavelength Optional  633nm 660nm 810nm 830nm 850nm 940nm
     LED Quantities  14400 LEDs / 32000 LEDs
     Pulsed setting  0 - 15000Hz
     Voltage  220V - 380V
     Dimension  2260*1260*960MM
     Weight  280 Kg

    660nm + 850nm Two Wavelength Parameter

    As the two lights move through the tissue, both wavelengths will work together up to about 4mm. After that, the 660nm wavelengths continue into slightly greater absorption depth more than 5 mm before extinguishing.

    This two-wavelength combination will help reduce the loss of energy that occurs as light photons pass through the body - and when you add longer wavelengths to the mix, you exponentially increase the number of light photons interacting with your cells.


    Advantages of 633nm + 660nm + 810nm + 850nm + 940nm

    As the light photons enter the skin, all five wavelengths interact with the tissues they pass through. It's very "bright" in the irradiated area, and this five-wavelength combination has a sighificant impact on the cells in the treatment area.

    Some of the light photons scatter and change direction, creating a "net" effect in the treatment area in which all wavelengths are active. This net effect receives the light energy of five different wavelengths.

    The net will also be bigger when you use a larger light therapy device; but for now, we'll stay focused on how the individual light photons behave in the body.

    While the light energy does indeed dissipate as the light photons pass through the body, these distinct wavelengths work together to "saturate" the cells with more light energy.

    This spectral output results in an unprecedented synergy that ensures each layer of tissue - within the skin and below the skin - receives the maximum light energy possible.


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