LED Light Therapy Bed M4N

This Red Light Therapy Bed Model M4N is Latest Design by MERICAN Optoelectronic, fashion elegant lining, best selling red light bed for home and beauty salon. The red light bed M4N use multi-wavelengths patent, which combination red light, amber light, green light and infrared, that can treating your health and skin condition more effect.

  • Model: M4N
  • Light Source: LED Bio-light
  • LED Quantity: 10800 LEDs
  • Red Light: 633nm 660nm
  • Near Infrared: 810nm 850nm 940nm
  • Dimension: 1940*860*820MM
  • Weight: 140Kg
  • OEM/ODM: Full Customization

  • Product Detail


    Introducing the Red Light Infrared Bed M4N, a groundbreaking device harnessing the power of red and infrared light to deliver a spectrum of holistic benefits for the entire body. Ideal for both home and salon use, this light therapy bed promotes anti-aging, heightened energy levels, enhanced mood, improved sleep, expedited recovery, and relief from ailments like arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

    The red light therapy bed M4N designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, which seamlessly complements any room size. Its user-friendly features include a touchscreen LCD timing system, Bluetooth integration, and an inbuilt surround sound system, creating a personalized and immersive experience during sessions.

    Tailored for athletes, post-surgery recovery, or anyone prioritizing overall well-being, the scientifically proven benefits of red and infrared therapy extend beyond pain relief to deep skin rejuvenation. Elevate your health and beauty regimen with the red light infrared bed M4N, bringing the transformative power of light therapy to the comfort of your own space.

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