Movable home self tanning capsule W1

MERICAN W1 TANNING CANOBY is with 360 degree rotation, easy for Lay-down or stand up tanning.  and Its Flexible design can saving space, too. More, W1 TRANSPARENT PLATE is Provided By The British Company “Lucite”, The Light Transmittance Is As High As 99%. The UV lamp is the popular Cosmosun Lamp.

The COSMOSUN range is a very popular lamp range of standard quality. Designed for all tanning needs and available in almost every desired wattage. COSMOSUN delivers great tanning results at medium to short tanning times. A reliable lamp operation and a useful service life of up to 600 hours comes standard with all COSMOSUN tubes.



Home, personal studio, gym, small beauty parlor, small club, etc., Merican has strong R&D team, support custom according to your needs, please consult us for more details.

Product Detail

Product Overview

W1 Tanning Canopy adopt half cabin multi-angle structure design,It can be fixed vertically at 90°, placed horizontally at 180° and rotated at 360°,suitable for home or space limited place to use.

Product Features

1. Germany Cosmedico special tanning light source, safe and stable, fast get uniform tan;

2. Simple body design and multi-angle adjustment, space saving, flexible and convenient.

3. Three-key touch control system, simple operation, easy to use.

4. The bottom adopts roller design, easy to move.

Product parameters

Product model

W1 | W1 Plus

Lamp quantity

10PCS | 12pcs

Light source

COSMEDICO 100W Cosmosun





The cooling device



Half cabin, 360 degree adjustment, Adjustable height

Power supply

110V | 220V

Current (220V)

4.5A | 5.5A

Product power

1000W | 1200W

Product size

L1890 * W840 * H1200mm

Net weight


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