red light solarium tanning booth F10R

MERICAN RUBINO F10R INDOOR TANNING MACHINE has perfectly balanced spectrum of effects of UV and Red Light. It can produce collagen during the tanning time. Helps to have more Healthy Bronzer Skin. Traditional tanning use blue light and only change the color of the skin. For Rubino UV and red light is in perfect combination and at gold constant ratio. It can also improve the skin issue while Tanning.



For tanning salons, clubs, homes, spas, health centers, skin management centers, private villas, plastic surgery hospitals, etc.

Product Detail


The F10R (Rubino) series of health tanning machines originate from the German design, with streamlined appearance, with a sense of technology and high quality. It uses the latest Rubino light source developed by Cosmedico in Germany. Based on the latest research results, this lamp combines perfect tanning results with an intense red spectrum. Its overall balanced spectral distribution enhances direct pigmentation by up to 50%. Cosmedico RUBINO is the perfect blend of UV and red light. Tanning efficient, skin-friendly and producing a pleasant feeling during and after application.


1. Adopt the original German Cosmedico Rubino special light source for red light tanning with high effective; 

2. Its overall balanced spectral distribution enhances direct pigmentation by up to 50%.

3. The cyclone air circulation system is adopted to make the external cold wind surround the body from bottom to top to improve the comfort of the human body;

4. Independent circuit protection system, separated base design, effectively guarantee the safety of operators and users;

5. Equipped with a surround sound system, supporting Bluetooth;

6. Complete electronic control system with timing, query, memory, and other functions;

7. Create private and comfortable treating environment by seamlessly structure;

8. Equipped with advanced high-power inductance ballast, stable performance, and long service life.


Item Model


Lamps Qty.

52 Tubes

Light Source

Germany Cosmedico Cosmolux RUBINO R



Panel Color

Black | White

Cooling Device

Overhead Three Gears Direct Air Flow System


Vertical, Separated base, Seamlessly Structure

Control System

High-end control system, Extrocontrol


220V | 380V






L1260 * W1230 * H2320 mm



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